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A program for Cassegrain antenna modelling
Cassbeam is a Cassegrain antenna ray tracer. A Cassegrain antenna
is a double reflector system which works on the principle of cassegrain
optical telescope. A high gain cassegrain reflector antenna in Ku-band
has been successfully developed for command transmit application for the
missile programme. It can also be used for monopulse radar, satellite
Based on an input text file, it computes several properties of the
antenna including gain, zenith system temperature, and the beam, in full
polarization. All calculations are done in the transmit sense
and use reciprocity to relate to the equivalent receiving system.
Additionally, cassbeam allows deformations, or pathologies of the
optics to be modelled. Currently this is limited to rotations and
translations of the feed and secondary. In the future, large scale
deviations in the primary (such as a misplaced panel) will likely be
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