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#ifndef __ANTENNA_H__
#define __ANTENNA_H__

#include "vector.h"
#include "vecarray.h"
#include "keyvalue.h"

 * Antenna parameters
typedef struct
      double sub_h;           /* height of subreflector (on axis) */
      double feed[3];         /* position of the feed */
      double feeddir[3];      /* unit vector pointing along feed */
      double radius;          /* antenna radius (m) */
      double K;         
      double deltar;          
      double zedge;           /* height at the edge of the dish */
      double bestparabola;    /* best fit parabola quadratic coef */
      double ftaper;          /* taper of feed */
      double thmax;           /* maximum angle of feed */
      double fa2pi;
      double legwidth;
      double legfoot, legfootz;
      double legapex;
      double leggroundscatter;
      double hole_radius;
      double freq, lambda;
      double oversamp;
      double roughness; /* RMS surface roughness in meters */
      double Trec, Tsky, Tground;
      double elev;            /* elevation in radians.  0 = point at horiz */
      Vector dir;
      Vector hhat, vhat;      /* unit vectors orthogonal to dir */
      Vector z;
      Vector m;
      Vector k;
      Vector pol; /* 4 component electric field -- ReH, ImH, ReV, ImV */
      Vector E;   /* 6 component electric field -- ReX, ImX, ... */
      Vector feedpattern;
      double feedpatterndelta;
      char *name;
      int gridsize;
} Antenna;

typedef struct
      Matrix subrot;          /* 3x3 matrix rotating x,y,z or nx,ny,nz */
      Matrix feedrot;         /* 3x3 matrix rotating x,y,z or nx,ny,nz */
      Vector subshift;  /* 3 length vector */
      Vector feedshift; /* 3 length vector */
      Vector subrotpoint;     /* 3 vector describing point to rotate sub. */
      double az_offset; /* azimuth pointing offset (radians) */
      double el_offset; /* elevation pointing offset (radians) */
      double phase_offset;    /* DC offset in phase (radians) */
      double focus;           /* meters out of focus toward subreflector */
} Pathology;

typedef struct
      Vector aper;            /* aperture x, y, z, nx, ny, nz */
      Vector dish;            /* dish x, y, z, nx, ny, nz */
      Vector sub;       /* subreflector x, y, z, nx, ny, nz */
      Vector feed;            /* feed x, y, z */
} Ray;

Antenna *newAntenna(double sub_h, double feed_x, double feed_y, double feed_z,
      double ftaper, double thmax, const char *geomfile);
void deleteAntenna(Antenna *a);
void Antennasetfreq(Antenna *a, double freq);
void Antennasetdir(Antenna *a, const Vector dir);
void alignfeed(Antenna *a, const Pathology *p);
VecArray getfeedbasis(const Antenna *a, const Pathology *p);
VecArray calcsubreflectorrim(const Antenna *a, const Pathology *p, int nrim);
double subpower(const VecArray rim, const Antenna *a);
Vector Efield(const Antenna *a, const Pathology *p, const Vector pol);
void Antennasetpol(Antenna *a, const Vector pol);
int Antennasetfeedpattern(Antenna *a, const char *filename, double scale);
Antenna *newAntennafromKeyValue(struct KeyValue *kv, const char *paramfilename);
void printAntenna(const Antenna *a);
void defocusAntenna(Pathology *P, const Antenna *a);
int dishvalue(const Antenna *a, double r, double *z, double *m);
int subfromdish(const Antenna *a, double x, double y, Vector subpoint);
int dishfromsub(const Antenna *a, double x, double y, Vector dishpoint);

void antennaR(const Antenna *a, double r, double *x, double *z);
Ray *newRay(const Vector sub);
void deleteRay(Ray *ray);
Pathology *newPathology();
Pathology *dupPathology(const Pathology *P);
Pathology *newPathologyfromKeyValue(struct KeyValue *kv);
void printPathology(const Pathology *P);
void deletePathology(Pathology *P);
double dAdOmega(const Antenna *a, const Ray *ray1, const Ray *ray2, 
      const Ray *ray3, const Pathology *p);
double dOmega(const Antenna *a, const Ray *ray1, const Ray *ray2, 
      const Ray *ray3, const Pathology *p);
double Raylen(const Ray *ray);
double feedfunc(const Antenna *a, double theta);
double feedgain(const Antenna *a, const Ray *ray, const Pathology *p);
double feedpower(const Antenna *a);
double feedbackpower(const Antenna *a);
void Pathologize(Vector sub, const Pathology *p);
void intersectdish(const Antenna *a, const Vector sub, const Vector unitdir, 
      Vector dish, int niter);
void intersectaperture(const Antenna *a, const Vector dish, 
      const Vector unitdir, Vector aper);
Ray *trace(const Antenna *a, double x, double y, const Pathology *p);

Vector tracepol(const Vector E0, const Ray *ray);

int legplanewaveblock(const Antenna *a, double x, double y);
int legplanewaveblock2(const Antenna *a, const Ray *ray);
int legsphericalwaveblock(const Antenna *a, const Ray *ray);


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