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#ifndef __ILLUM_H__
#define __ILLUM_H__

#include "vector.h"
#include "keyvalue.h"

#define RXR 0
#define IXR 1
#define RYR 2
#define IYR 3
#define RZR 4
#define IZR 5
#define RXL 6
#define IXL 7
#define RYL 8
#define IYL 9
#define RZL 10
#define IZL 11

typedef struct
      /* This first set of parameters is generated by telescope 
       * specific code
      Matrix *E;
      Matrix A, P;                  /* amp / phase */
      Matrix B;               /* blockage matrix */
      double dA;              /* area of each pixel (m^2) */
      double prispilleff, subspilleff;
      double spilleff, surfeff, diffeff, misceff;
      double a0;              /* area of primary (m^2) */
      double lambda;                /* wavelength (m) */
      double groundfrac;            /* fraction of power hitting ground */
      double Tsky, Tground, Trec;
      double Xangle;
      int gridsize;
      int pixelsperbeam;
      char *prefix;
      /* This second set of parameters are derived by calcIllumparams()
       * based on the above values
      double pTground, pTsky, pTrec;      /* partial temperatures */
      double Tsys;
      double gain;
      double blockeff, illumeff, ampeff, phaseeff;
      double efficiency;
      double aeff;
      double pointx, pointy;  /* pointing offsets in radians */
      double fwhm_x, fwhm_y;
      double peaksidelobe;

      /* A third set of parameters could be added that are derived from
       * calcIllumpolparams()

      double beampixelscale;

      /* these are control parameters */
      int savejonesmatrices;
      int savestokesimages;
      int saveapertureimages;
      int saveparams;
} Illum;

Illum *newIllum(int N);
void setIllumfromKeyValue(Illum *I, const struct KeyValue *kv);
void deleteIllum(Illum *I);
void printIllum(const Illum *I);
void dephaseIllum(Illum *I);
void calcIllumparams(Illum *I);
void calcIllumpolparams(Illum *I);
void KeyValueupdateIllum(struct KeyValue *kv, const Illum *I);


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