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#ifndef __VECTOR_FFTW_H__
#define __VECTOR_FFTW_H__

#include <math.h>
#include <fftw.h>
#include <rfftw.h>

#include "vector.h"

#define SMOOTH_GAUSS    1
#define SMOOTH_COS      2
#define SMOOTH_COS1     3
#define SMOOTH_BOX      4

/* This function grids a non-evenly sampled datum onto the FT plane */
int Matrixcomplexgrid(Matrix M, double u, double v, double re, double im,int p);

/* These use FFTW for the transform.  Don't use these if many fast transforms
 * are needed -- use plans and the fftw functions in those cases 
 * dir is one of: FFTW_FORWARD or FFTW_BACKWARD for complex (FFT) transforms
 *            or: FFTW_REAL_TO_COMPLEX or FFTW_REAL_TO_COMPLEX for real (RFFT)
Vector VectorFFT(Vector V, fftw_direction dir);
Vector VectorRFFT(Vector V, fftw_direction dir);

void smoothVector(Vector V, double width, int type);

/* Notes for Matrix transforms: 
 *    1. all real side of RFFT transforms are represented in FFTW's 
 *          native order
 *    2. input arrays for all RFFT operations are assumed to have 2 extra
 *          floating point values padding each row.  These matrices can be
 *          created with newpaddedMatrix(Ny, Nx, pad = 2)
void MatrixFFT(Matrix M, fftw_direction dir);
void MatrixFFTrows(Matrix M, fftw_direction dir);
void MatrixFFTcolumns(Matrix M, fftw_direction dir);
void MatrixRFFT(Matrix M, fftw_direction dir);
void MatrixRFFTrows(Matrix M, fftw_direction dir);
Matrix Matrixcrosscorrelate(const Matrix M, const Matrix N);
Matrix Matrixautocorrelate(const Matrix M);
void Matrixconvolve(Matrix M, const Matrix N);
void Matrixdeconvolve(Matrix M, const Matrix N);


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